Dreading Winter & Frozen Rivers? Escape to Brazil

Sweetwater has left the cold, Montana winter and headed to the Amazon to chase the world’s most explosive freshwater fish, the Peacock Bass each year since 1992.

Picture quiet mornings punctuated by the primeval sounds of howler monkeys, jungle water moving slowly over white sand bars, and marauding bands of Peacock Bass terrorizing all fish in the area. Then, you cast your fly in front of a double digit Bass. The Bass unloads its fury on your fly, and time seems to stop. You set the hook, the fish explodes into the air, and unleashes a run that puts Giant Trevally to shame. All you can do is hold on, and remind yourself that, back home, it is winter and all of your favorite fishing spots are under three feet of ice.

The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Formerly the Royal Amazon Lodge, sets the standard for excellence in lodging and dining in the Amazon. Sitting on a bluff overlooking the Agua Boa River, the lodge is a perfect home base from which to explore one of the finest fisheries in the Amazon. Like the Xeruini, under normal water conditions, the Agua Boa runs clear and is an exceptional fishery with fish surpassing 15 pounds every week.

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Join us this winter for a wonderful trip to the Amazon. It is a trip you will never forget.