A Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Lodge in Brazil's Amazon

Peacock Bass have capture the imagination of the fly-fishing world and have developed a very loyal following of fly-fishermen who make the annual sojourn to Brazil for a week of explosive strikes and unstoppable runs. It is a landscape of endless angling possibilities.

Sweetwater Travel Company has been outfitting, guiding and fishing in Brazil since 1992 and has fished and outfitted on most of the major Peacock Bass fisheries in Brazil. Armed with fluent Portuguese, and an intrepid sense of adventure, we have built the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.

Our Peacock Bass operation place a high degree of emphasis on sustainable fishing with barbless hooks as well as catch and release fishing. Our approach to fishery management insures that anglers will enjoy explosive, productive Peacock Bass fishing throughout the season.

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The Amazon Basin

The Amazon Basin is the world's largest freshwater river system. It contains 10 percent of the world's fresh water and without question 20% of the world's toughest freshwater gamefish. The Amazon River starts high in the Andes mountains and flows to join the Negro River near Manaus to create the mingling of the waters. These two great systems combine to become a river that is 200 miles across in places and that runs all the way to the Atlantic Ocean to the city of Belem. It is a spectacle of nature in dire need of protection and appreciation by all. It is an experience not to be missed.

Brazil is the largest country in South America, and it contains most of the Amazon Rainforest. Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas and is the hub for peacock bass fishermen traveling to the Amazon. It is a city built upon the wealth of the forest. Its riches have faded since the days of the rubber barons, but the history architecture remains. It is well worth a day visiting the opera house and markets of the city.

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